Winter Feast 2016 Meditations

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Winter Feast 2016 Meditations


For inspiration and to invigorate your commitment to the Feast here is a 17 minute minute video from David Less that he created as an Opening Attunement for this years Feast.

For an audio only link to Davids talk click here.



Please click on any of the teachers below to go to their meditation page that has links for this year and possibly prior years. A new format that some Teachers will be using this year will be to provide 10 meditations, each to be repeated for 3 additional days. This format encourages you to go deeper with each Day.

Or click here for the Master Meditation Index, where you can find meditations from past years of the Winter Feast.



Carl McColman: Deeper Blessings of the Contemplative Life

Carl McColman is an author, speaker, retreat leader and spiritual director. His blog,, celebrates the mystical and contemplative dimensions of both Christian and world spirituality...READ MORE




David Less: Deeper Heart Deeper Mind

David Less has been a teacher of meditation for more than 45 years. He travels extensively and continually, teaching meditation, peace building, inter-spiritual harmony and inner practice. David applies the fruits of his personal meditation practice toward peace work in the Holy Land and directing Rising Tide International...READ MORE


Sarah McLean: Ten Jewels of the Yoga Sutras - practices to deepen your daily life.

The most transformative experience of my life happened 25 years ago when I learned to meditate. I love it so much I do it every day, and I teach it almost as often, and have for 20 years...READ MORE




Sophia Virginia McGuire: Ten Treasures for Growing Loving Presence

Sofia Virginia McGuire is a published author and artist. She has studied and taught meditation for over 30 years and has found it so beneficial to have as an everyday part of life to help with balance for self, family, community and living...READ MORE





Anam Thubten: Buddhist Meditations

Anam Thubten grew up in Tibet and at an early age began to practice in the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. Among his many teachers, his most formative guides were Lama Tsurlo, Khenpo Chopel, and Lama Garwang...READ MORE




Davidji: Self Love and Divine Presence

davidji is a globally recognized mindbody health & wellness expert, mindful performance trainer, meditation teacher & author...READ MORE




Sophia Luypaert: Italian Universal Meditations

Nata e cresciuta a Montreal, Canada, dopo la maturità Sophia Luypaert si trasferisce a Torino. Nel 2001 lascia il mondo del lavoro per tornare agli studi e diventa Naturopata e Operatore Shiatsu! Prosegue il cammino aggiungendo altre specializzazioni di cui il Qi Gong con il Maestro Lin Kai Ting, READ MORE

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