Meditations for Young People

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Meditations for Young People

There is nothing more important for our children than to become aware of their inner world. And as their elders there is nothing more important for us than to guide them there.

We offer these meditation series to engage young people in finding their way to this awareness and the ultimate peace that can become an important part of their lives.

I recall teaching a group of high school students about meditation. We met once a week in the balcony of the high school gym before school started. At the end of ten weeks, practicing for 20 minutes each day, I asked them what they had gotten from our work together. One said I am no longer nervous when I have an exam, another played better tennis, and another was more creative with his music. The one that struck me most was the high school senior who said he "could see his anger coming and no longer felt that he had to act on it."

Let‘s give them the chance to learn those valuable lessons early in life. Please bring your children, your grandchildren, your students, and your young friends here to practice stillness and mindfulness.

~ Valerie Skonie, Founder, Winter Feast for the Soul.


2017 Winter Feast For The Soul Meditations For Children

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2015 Winter Feast For The Soul Meditations For Children

In the past three years, we added an excellent collection of meditations. For 2015, we want to suggest that you repeat the daily meditations given by Elizabeth Mellor and Lacey Galya Segal, or choose from the other wonderful age-appropriate meditations on our list. All of these are timeless, and we think your children will gain much from listening to them again. Like adults, they will take away something new each year. If you want to make suggestions for 2016 for the meditations for young people, please email us. We welcome your ideas and input!


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